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The core technology of VICOR power module is zero current and zero voltage switch, it allows VICOR power module running under the condition of over 1MHZ, efficiency 80% in the above, the Power density is more than 10 times or more than traditional converter…

V.I Chip It performs well in many aspects, such as flexibility, power density, power conversion efficiency, response speed etc.

In this column, you can see the newest Power-Stick encapsulation and The brick type, half-brick type and 1/3 brick type power supply; DC-DC power system, DC input mains filter modules, Custom Configurable Power Solutions…

Autoranging Rectifier Module, AC filter, AC-DC power system and products value-added service etc.

Military Products
Particularly introduce the productions related to military and aerospace industry…

Supporting Annex
Including all the supporting small components which required while designing and manufacturing the whole power system: connector, plug, diode, cooling fin, heat sinks, capacitance, and the newest SurfMate and InMate which are released now…

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