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Shenzhen Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and import agent for switching power supply and software & hardware program offering. We market products of our brand Huatung and several well-known foreign brands, Japanese COSEL, American VICOR, Korean SUNTRONIX and some electronic device suppliers¨ products, such as RUBYCON, SAMWHA,AVA/ KYOCERA,LINEAR,etc. Simultaneously we provide Overall systematical relative service from component type selection to Circuit Design. We equipped with a strong product development capabilities, have the strength to provide powerful technical support for your production, research, and technology development.


Vicor LED power schemes technology seminar-- design and application had finished successfully, for more relevant data, please contact with our sales department...

Vicor released MINI & MICRO modules for DC72V(DC43V--110V), output 3.3V-48V, power 75W-250W...

COSEL issued CES/CQB series which support input 24V...

Cosel finished RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substance) test. -Switching power suppliesModules-Filters-Components

Vicor ordering guide for RoHS...

# SFS series for power 15W&30W added modules which support DC24Vinput;power 20W, DC48V input...

COSEL published completely new 1.5W-10W single/double output modules SU/SUC series...

Vicor issued 110V DC/DC converter for railway and transportation application fields...

COSEL released new economical enclosed type AC-DC switching power supply--PLA series...


COSEL AC/DC swiching power supply,DC/DCpower supply modue filter...cosel      

VICOR AC/DCDC/DCMilitary Specification power supply expert...cosel        

FINE SUNTRONIXAC/DC swiching power supply,DC/DC power supply module, nois efilter,fan,solid-state relay ...cosel      

New Products

COSEL released their new filters for single-phase AC250V, triphase AC 500V, DC 250V...


After ZUS&ZUW series, COSEL released several low power DC/DC items, which have a smaller size and more efficient. Power of 1W to 10W will be marketed on the period of time, support both casing and no casing; single-output and double-output for choosing...


Size: 32*21.5*6mm; Weight: 12g; Packaging: BGA/J-LEAD; Power density: 1165W/320A per cubic centimeter; +125≧ full power run zero-decrement hip bus converter and voltage converter module...
Company News  
ShenzhenSFower Technology Co.,Ltd. released a launched a new power supply brand---Huatung
Huatung newly released ultrathin switching power supply for LED--LAP series
  Power Schemes For COSEL  
CBS serie modules application data        
CDS series modules application data        
Input-output undervoltage alarm circuit        
DPA,DPF series front-end moudule application data        
DPF1000 connect with DBS400B28-XTHIA,Output adjustable high-power array reference...   more scheme  

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